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chopper groove [Aug. 7th, 2007|11:06 am]
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i finished my new stereobox a few days back. it’s virgin flight on a scul mission was mostly successful. it only took a while to figure out that the cause of the amps cutting out was due to poor wireless transmission. … so i hung the transmitter out of my bag, over my shoulder. it’s great now. i’m surprised that these new amps don’t need a heat sink since they’re much for powerful than the previous radiobox that did need a heat sink. i consider making the old radiobox (pic, another pic) was one of the best things i’ve ever done. … you just can’t be upset or unhappy while riding around on your bike with your tunes blaring causing people to randomly sing and dance in the street.


  • Pelican 1430 housing | bearproof
  • mb quart nka 169 6″x9″ marine speakers | made to withstand sun and saltwater
  • amphony 1550 50w wireless monoblock amplifiers | class T, efficient and precise
  • two 12v lead acid batteries wired in-line for 24v for the amps plus one more 12v for the transmitter | heavier than your mom but should keep this stereo playing at high volume for days
  • iriver h320 audio source | has an fm receiver built in so i can pick up skunk’s transmission on scul missions

to do:

  • add ac input jack for internal charger
  • try different audio absorption materials to tune resonance
  • possibly replace lead acid batteries with li-ion. it’s really heavy.

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