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i’m thinking of moving to Jamaica Plain [Aug. 9th, 2007|11:09 am]

  • i realized last night that so many of my peeps are there, and i like the artist community there. it’s really a nice ride too out along the greenway by the orange line, especially this morning. so…… i’m going to be looking for an industral living space with a shop. any leads on this would be appreciated. i guess i should mention this to my roomates.
  • also last night, i started learning silks at spontaneous celebrations. it’s fun to chill out up in the air. i’ve always been a sucker for playing circus.
  • i just saw this trailer for this upcoming consumer rant movie about the abusive overdraft system of corporate banks. maybe it will cause enough consumer awareness to force a new trend in banking. i love how documentary films like super size me get so much attention and actually make change.

    mike daisy: “I knew what they were doing to me, you know? They’re fucking me. They’re fucking me right now.”

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