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this morning’s accident [Sep. 18th, 2007|03:39 pm]

while i was riding north on 3rd street in cambridge from kendall, a young, blonde girl in a ford SUV was oncoming and turned to her left towards a parking lot. even though this was during the day and there were no obstructions and i was riding in a straight line in the bike lane, she drove directly into me and scowled at me as i pulled myself off her hood. after convincing her that she should pull over and possibly come out of her vehicle to talk with me, she walked up and began by condescendingly telling me that i should be more careful at this intersection and that the sun was in her eyes. … no “Are you ok?” or “I’m sorry.”


“hmm…. you’re actually warning me here? o.k. feel free to call your insurance company. i’m calling the police.”

the officer was really cool. he recognized me from another incident i called in. ; ) he didn’t say what he was doing talking with her so long, but it looked like she got a ticket. he came up to me, handed me a page with her details, and told me to take my bike in for any repairs and send the bill to her insurance company.

cool. waiting for a call from my friends at cambridge bicycle so i can pick it up this evening.

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