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learn stuff [Nov. 13th, 2007|02:19 pm]
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i’ve been using safaribooksonline.com for several months, and i’m still impressed. it gives me access to all the current tech books (photoshop, web dev, programming, networking….), and they’re searchable. i never lose them, and it looks like i’m working. the basic starter package is more than enough access for me at $10/mo for 5 books at a time.

i went to au bon pain for coffee and started to explain that i like their coffee, but i hate to use a disposable cup/lid/cardboard-insulator for every cup i buy and that i’d like to be able to bring my own mug and just pay for a large. the employee smiled and said i “ask too hard. it’s easy.” heh, ok. here’s your buck.25. then i burnt my tongue.

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