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tech support calling tech support [Jan. 8th, 2008|05:32 pm]
[Tags|, ]

after setting up remote access to my verizon dsl, i noticed that my calls in to port 80 weren’t even reaching my home firewall. google showed other users with the same problem with the service. other inbound ports were fine, but 80 failed somewhere on verizon’s network

call one: “Yes, we have policy to block that. It’s a business port, and you have a residential account. I’ll transfer you to someone that can unblock it for you.” instead of transfering, he accidentally hung up.

call two: 5 minutes explaining the problem… “So, what you need is higher speed?” 10 more minutes explaining and waiting for her to research … “Well, I can give you tips on how to open your Windows firewall.” Thanks.

call three: “No, I’m sure there’s no policy like that. All ports are open. Are you sure you checked….” Yes, thanks.

call four: “Yes, this policy has been in place since 8 years ago when a worm was using that port. No, it can’t be changed, and other ISPs have the same restriction.” Can you give me the number for account cancellation?

so, i cancelled and ordered Speakeasy. they claim to have no port restrictions, and the girl on the phone was much more pleasant and human. i’ll pay more, and i could just use other ports for my applications, but ….. it’s the principle.

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