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synthiness [Feb. 21st, 2008|11:17 am]
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the pendulum of my attention seems to have swung back to synths for now. i’m focusing on learning FM synthesis now, and i’m thinking about putting together a modular system (although i have no XP with that yet). there are some diy kits for modules, and i am also learning electronics at the same time….. probably a good way to go. the nord stage synth section will do for now along with various VSTs. i have a PC based oscilloscope coming in next week, and that will give me visual and numeric reference to the perty sounds i’m making.

all my building projects and geek hobbies are taking all my time. that’s ok. i’ve had enough social life for uhh… a lifetime. the coming of spring will probably undo all that focus, so i’m just going with it for now.


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