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family visit [Feb. 27th, 2008|12:55 pm]

my parents, little sis alisha and brother david came to see me in boston mid february. they all stayed in the little room i built, and i took the pool table. it was great to see them, especially alisha, though i’m not sure that i love her just because she’s my sister or if it’s because she’s such an attractive sister. my parents behaved themselves and didn’t press the topics on which we disagree. thanks dad. they apparently thought my kitchen was gross, so they scrubbed it down, and my mom rearranged it all so she could cook loads of wheat pancakes which i’m keeping in the freezer and then toasting to have with peanut butter and honey. thanks mom. here are pics of us doing bostony things. i think the most fun part was playing DDR at good times.

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