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do this before you die [May. 8th, 2008|10:29 am]

as i was wondering around on my bike last night, i came across a new kids playground by lechemere, and i found something wonderful. obviously, kids playgrounds are always fun, but this toy is an order of magnitude more fun. it’s just a crooked pole that spins on a rubber platform, but it’s sturdy, has good bearings and is scalable (if you’re bigger, you spin harder). you start out with a simple boring spin and then try to pull yourself in. that dang centrifugal force makes it exponentially harder to get close to the center. i’m a little guy, but i’m strong for my size. i’d get to a point that i was quickly passing out, and my body would then go limp, and i’d get thrown off. go do this before some kids crack their heads together, and it gets taken out. invite me.

there are three of them in this half-circle.

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